Wednesday 19th March, 2008

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Govt. gives in to CPC unions’ demand to check LIOC expansion
Unions vow to launch crippling strike if deceived

The government yesterday gave in to the Petroleum Corporation unions’ demands to avert today’s strike following a hastily arranged meeting between the top CPC administration and the unions.

Petroleum unions earlier planned to cripple fuel distribution for five days beginning today (19) to pressure the government not to increase the LIOC (Lanka Indian Oil Company) role in the Sri Lankan market.

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Will he hear at least now?

Successful candidates at the recently concluded Batticaloa District Local Government polls took their oaths before President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Temple Tress yesterday. At the start of the oaths taking ceremony a member of the Presidential Security Division adjusts the hearing equipment on the President. (Photo-Kamal Bogoda)

  • Teachers, friends take kids for a ride
    Thirty school children, 28 of them girls under 12 years of age and two boys of over 12 years had been taken for, what their parents said was a ride by two teachers and three of their friends. They had been taken for what was claimed to be a physical education tour to Thailand. This has become the talk of the town in Kandy.

  • FMM condemns ransacking of journalists’ home
    The Free Media Movement yesterday condemned the ransacking of the home of journalist couple Sashi Kumara and Sunethra Atugalpura as an act of intimidation.

  • War of Words on the ethnic frontThere are eerie resemblances between the situation on the ethnic front today and that which led to the air-drop, the Peace accords with India, and the coming of the IPKF. At that time our troops were hoping to successfully complete the Vadamarachchi operation and proceed to Jaffna. Today our armed forces are clearly seen as having the upper hand, though the final outcome may depend on whether the economy can sustain a protracted war. At that time food scarcity in Jaffna led to the air-drop, which was seen by the international community – except for India’s immediate neighbours – as justifiable partly because it amounted to a transgression of international law, not aggression. Today there are alleged human rights violations on an epic scale, and threatening noises about possible foreign intervention.

  • Sri Lanka fails to take economy off ground
    Just after Sri Lanka secured Independence the country’s economy was favourable and export income was more than adequate where the economy was relatively open. There was employment and exports of tea rubber and coconut brought in adequate foreign exchange, but with all these prosperity in the country, Sri Lanka failed to realize to lay the foundation to invest and diversification to take the economy forward.

  • Exclusive zone for Indian and Pakistan markets
    Please set up an industrial zone in Sri Lanka to cater to Indian and Pakistan Markets was the earnest plea made by Nawaz Rajabdeen, President, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) when a high powered trade delegation from Julin Province, China visited the FCCISL.

  • Sri Lanka 343 for 5 Vs Select XI in Guyana
    Sri Lanka's Malinda Warnapura, left, plays a shot on his way to score a century, as West Indies Select XI's wicketkeeper Patrick Brown looks on during a cricket warm-up match at the Guyana National Stadium in Providence, Monday, March 17, 2008. Sri Lanka will play the first of two Test matches against the West Indies next Saturday. (AP Photos/Andres Leighton

  • Kumble: Kirsten will have new ideas
    India captain Anil Kumble believes Gary Kirsten's experience as a South African player could be key during their three-Test series against the Proteas. The series, starting on 26 March in Chennai, will be Kirsten's first as India coach.
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