Fourth International Saiva Siddhantha Conference and the Glory of Nanthy Flag
Commences today
By Kalabooshanam
Chelvathamby Manickavasagar

The fourth international Saiva Siddhantha conference organised by the International Saiva Siddhantha Research Institute will be held in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, on March 21 to 23, 2008.The theme of this conference will be Fundamental Saiva Sidddhantha based on Veda, Agama, Purana, Epic, Sanga,Literature, Thirumurai and Sastra.

In fact the International Saiva Siddhantha Research Institute has been inaugurated by His Holiness the 26th Gurumaha Sannithanam of the Dharamapura Adhinam in 1984. Further, for the benefit of the Saiva community a monthly magazine called "Gnanasam-pantham" which contain essays and research articles published regularly.

Further-more, our ancient religion Saiva Siddhantham flowered in Tamil Nadu as a forceful Bhakthi movement infused with insights on Siddha Yoga. During the 7th to 9th centuries saints Sampanthar, Appar and Sundarar pilgrimaged from temple to temple singing soulfully on Lord Shiva’s greatness. They were instrumental in successfully defending Saivaism against the threats by Jainism.-Thereafter, a King’s Prime Minister Manikkava-sagar, renounced a world of wealth and fame to seek and serve Lord Shiva. His heart- melting verses called Thiruvsagam were full of visionary experiences, divine love and urgent striving for truth. The recitals of the four saints were part of the compendium

Known as "Thirumurai", which along with Vedas and Saiva Agamas form the spiritual basis of Saiva Siddhantha, in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Since our religious traditional practices are on the verge of deterioration, a conference of this nature will undoubtedly give life to rejuvenate our Saiva traditions. In this conference many head of Saiva Adhinams, representatives of governments, professors of Saiva Siddhananda, Sivachariyars,trustees and administrators from various parts of world would participate.Besides scholars and exponents of Saiva Siddhananda philosophy and Thirumurais from all over the world would present research papers. Further, a souvenir with research papers and conference proceedings will be published after the conference and special souvenirs will be released on the final day of this conference.

The International saiva Siddhanda conference will commence with the hoisting of the Nathi Flag by the High Court Judge of Madurai Mr. M.Sockalin om March 22, 2008.

A book titled "Nanthy Kodiyin Mukkiyathuwamum Perumaigalum" compiled by "Vidaikody Chelvar" Sinnadurai Dhanabalaa will be launched by Srilasri Ponnambala Thesigar Paramachariya Swamigal (Kundrunkudigal). In fact the launching of this book in "significance and glory of Nanthi Flag" coincides with the death anniversary of Mr.Sinnadura Dhanabalaa’s father, "Chinthanai Sidpach Chelvar", Shanmugam Thambiah Sinnadurai who was a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and man with a heart of gold combined with noble thoughts.

The world revolveth not round the inventors of new noises, but it revolveth inaudibly round the inventors of values, thus said a German poet.In the history of the world every nation has stood for a particular ideal which it has sought to weave into the fabric of the lives of the people.

Thus, Germans made the concept of beauty essentially their own. The spartons excelled in sports and the commitment of the rule of law moulded the pattern of the Britishers. Likewise, long before the Greeks and Romans, the Hindus were told to govern their lives by the norms of Dharma which comprehends the excellences which make for an ideal humanity.

Besides, "Nanthy" signifies Dharma and realizing the significance and glory of Nanthy Flag for Lord Shiva, the Colombo Saiva Munnetra Kalagam came forward to hoist Nanth flags in temples, religious organizations, at ceremonies and various other religious functions conducted in schools and other institutions.

Further, according to "Matsya Purana", it is by Dharma that civilization is maintained. Therefore, Dharma may be defined as social norm or moral law, righteousness or even as religion mainly it is external aspects.

Since "Nanthy" as the sacred bull is said to be the vehicle of Lord Shiva. The Nanthy flag encapsulate the essence of Hindu Saiva thoughts. As Hindus, we are reminded of ourselves, the moral fibre of our existence at the present moment of time, the need to transcend the limitations of time in order to reach the Holy feet of the Divine, the need to be patient awaiting the grace of the Almighty, all portrayed by the reclining Nanthy. The Nanthy Flag is indeed an apt representative of the Saivaites who are passive yet perceptive, hale yet humble and deep,devout and detached.

Indeed, "Vidaikodi Chelvar" Sinnadurai Dhanabalaa should be highly commended for the tremendous service he is rendering by way of hoisting Nanthy flags in each and every religious organizations and temples for the establishment of Dharma and to bring about everlasting peace and eternal prosperity to Sri Lanka.


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