Rathu Sahoodarayas' call to disarm TMVP

"The Island" lead news story of March 21 reported that, the JVP leader, Somawansa Amarasinghe, in a press briefing had called for immediate disarming of the Pillaiyan group. Expressing his intention to contest the forthcoming Eastern PC polls, JVP leader had said, 'not only the Pillaiyan Group, but LTTE poses a threat to JVP, as well.'

There is no gainsaying the fact that, foremost on the LTTE's hit list in the East is the TMVP. Founder of TMVP had said, 'we parted company with Prabhakaran, when once we discovered that, under his leadership, no liberation was possible. After our defection, we formed our political party'. People tormented under the jackboot of Prabhakaran, in the East, rallied round Karuna.

According to "Lanka" Sunday newspaper's lead news story of Oct. 29, 2006, Karuna had expressed confidence that, he could secure victory in a forthcoming eastern PC polls, as the majority of voters are against the Wanni Tigers.

"Our aspirations could be fulfilled within a unitary state. We do not want to perpetuate military action. When the time comes, we will have it as a fully democratic region. But, for the time being, we retain arms since we have threats from Prabhakaran, Karuna had reportedly said. (The Island Nov. 27, 2004).

In the Batticaloa LG polls, in which TMVP and UPFA gained overall power, the Elections Commissioner had declared that, there were no major incidents of violence or vote rigging. Election monitor PAFFREL had observed that the elections were free and fair. TMVP bearing arms, had not changed the democratic face of the election.

When the Ceasefire Agreement was signed in 2002, all parties except the LTTE, were disarmed. That opened up an opportunity for the LTTE to go on a killing spree of rival political parties. Disarming TMVP at this stage would create a similar situation for Tigers to unleash vengeance on LTTE's one-time ally.

After de-merger of N/E on or SC ruling, the JVP had called upon the government to speed up establishing separate administrative units in the North and East. "Delay in taking the required measures to administer the North and East separately, would be advantageous to the LTTE', JVP parliamentary group leader, Wimal Weerawansa is reported to have said. ("The Island" Nov. 6, 2006).

Now that the government has opened an opportunity for all democratic parties to join the fray, it is unethical for the JVP to 'cry foul' even before the start of the match.

Perhaps, the JVP leader foresees the impending catastrophe of defeat, considering the overwhelming victory secured by TMVP and UPFA in the Batticaloa LG polls. Hence, like the incompetent man who refused to dance, on account of the unevenness of the floor (natanna baeri miniha, polowa adeayi kiiwa"), he is seeking solace in excuses.

Stanley Weerasinghe

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