Only STF, troops allowed to carry arms – STF chief

The Special Task Force will provide optimum security during the run-up and conduct of the forthcoming Eastern Provincial Council elections, the newly appointed STF Commandant, DIG, K. M. L. S. Sarathchandra said.

He said he visited the Eastern Province recently and instructed the STF personnel in the province to do everything possible to ensure that the election campaign and the elections are conducted fairly and freely according to the election laws.

He also said no one will be allowed to use arms except the Police and security forces, intimidate or interfere with the democratic political activities or to interfere in the voting or engage in any other illegal activities. "This applies from now onwards," the DIG said. All candidates contesting the elections and the public will be provided with security, he said.

All grievances and problems of the STF personnel were looked into and he was personally taking steps to see that personnel who had performed competently were given promotions and increments, he said.

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