Singer brings ‘Sisil World’ to the Sri Lankan people

Singer (Sri Lanka) which brought to the Sri Lankan people Singer Plus and Singer Mega now brings for their benefit a new retail channel by way of ‘Sisil World’.

Singer Plus and Singer Mega – electrical and electronic goods’ stores which offer multiple brands, each to a different market category – have become household names in Sri Lanka since they were launched. Singer (Sri Lanka) saw potential for another multi-brand retail channel to serve the market and thus launched ‘Sisil World’.Sisil is the pioneer heritage brand in local refrigerators which Singer acquired from Associated Electricals in 2001.

Last December, Singer also acquired several retail outlets as well as the Philips and Kenwood brands from Hayleys. Consequently Singer saw market opportunity for a new chain of multi-brand retail stores that would be differentiated from Singer Plus said Singer (Sri Lanka) Chairman Hemaka Amarasuriya: ‘At Singer, we never stop dreaming and seizing opportunities. Our dreams for the Sri Lankan people are big and when we saw an opportunity for a new retail channel we decided to offer the market Sisil World. We plan to move Sisil World rapidly into the No. 2 slot in the appliance market behind Singer Plus with the same culture of customer care.’A new brand name was necessitated since the ‘Sisil’ brand represented a renowned product range in Sri Lanka while the new retail chain would include the Sisil brand as well as other world marques. Thus was coined the brand ‘Sisil World which means Sisil and much more.

The Sisil product range which began with refrigerators now includes deep freezers, air conditioners, bottle coolers, water dispensers, home appliances and fans. The Sisil brand will open its doors to South India in May with the first batch of export shipments.Sisil World which is pitched higher than Singer Plus will include the Sisil range as well as other brands in the Singer portfolio such as Hitachi, Kenwood, Philips and Panasonic and Unic. In time new brands will be acquired solely for this new retail channel.

Singer Marketing Director Asita Abayasekera said that Singer Plus and Singer Mega cover some 70-80% of the home appliance market. Thus Sisil World will fill the gap that exists at present.

In Sri Lanka, refrigerators are synonymous with Sisil, a brand in almost every Sri Lankan home since the 1940s, with a proud history of trusted reliability. Now Sisil World will offer 42 retails outlets country-wide once two new branches in Kandy and Badulla are opened over the weekend.

The majority of Hayleys outlets that Singer acquired have been integrated into Sisil World creating a new pulse in the market.

Abayasekera Said ‘Previously the Sisil chain of retail stores was not differentiated from Singer Plus. Sisil World has a distinct personality and the customer can look forward to innovative marketing and promotions from Sisil World.

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