Father lived for the people - Son

The two children of assassinated Chief Government Whip and Minister Jeyraj Fernadopulle, Samurdhi and Bhanuka, spoke at their father’s funeral yesterday at Welihena, Katana. They thanked all those who had sympathized with them from the time of the demise of their father. They made mention of all prelates and clergy of all four religions, friends from President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the First Lady, the Premier, Speaker, Leader of the Opposition, Ministers and Parliamentarians, the diplomatic Corps and all other members and officials of the provincial and local authorities. They thanked each one in the speeches they made in Sinhala and English.

Samurdhi made special mention of the Director and staff of the Gampaha hospital and others who had treated those who were injured in the bomb blast that killed their father and all people who had put up banners, posters and made floral tributes to their father. "My father lived for the people and died with the people and may he be happy with God," Bhanuka said.

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