PNM activist attacked as JVP battle hots up
JVP disowns statement attributed to politburo critical of Wimal

The simmering battle between the Somawansa and Weerawansa factions has taken a turn for the worse with the Patriotic National Front (PNM) accusing the JVP of assaulting its Kalutara District organiser Hemantha Perera at Bandaragama on Thursday (17).

Severely criticising the attack, PNM President Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera said it was the responsibility of the JVP leadership to prevent such incidents. Amarasekera warned anyone promoting a conflict between the JVP and the PNM would be agents of foreign powers hell-bent on destabilising the country.

Thursday’s attack comes hot on the heels of JVP accusations against the PNM which until recently represented the interests of the JVP. The dissident JVP leader Wimal Weerawansa represents the party in the PNM. JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe has accused the PNM of backing the pro-government Weerawansa Group.

Dr. Amarasekera expressed belief that there was a group of intelligent and civilized persons in the party who could resolve the crisis amicably.

Interestingly two of the leading dissidents in Weerawansa’s camp MPs Piyasiri Wijenayake and Jayantha Samaraweera represent the Kalutara district.

Nandana Gunatilleke who fired the first salvo against the leadership, too, represents the Kalutara district.

Meanwhile, the JVP yesterday disowned a two-page statement purported to have been issued by the politburo. A party official told The Island last night that an interested party must have faxed the bogus statement in an attempt to cause further hostility. It accused Weerawansa of leaking internal discussions to outsiders, involving a set of corrupt persons with a nationalistic organisation, squandering party funds, utilization of party funds to promote business activities of his wife and violation of party discipline. The statement also warned the party wouldn’t hesitate to act against anyone irrespective of his standing if he was found guilty of violating party policy.

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