Wijeweera's guardian angel

It would only be a matter of weeks before the JVP starts killing each other and that would indeed be poetic justice but another matter needs to be highlighted. The JVP, a few weeks ago, held a huge meeting to commemorate the memory of Wijeweera, who was singularly responsible for the deaths of thousands of our people. What was there to celebrate, for this monster inflicted a horrible crime on the people of this country? Those who sought to recall his memory are equally culpable. They must not be allowed to make a hero of a cold blooded murderer.

This is indeed an insult to the memory of the hundreds nay some thousands who died at the hands of the JVP both in 1971 and '88 - '89. No responsible government should ever allow the memory of this murderer to be perpetrated; what is the 'message' that is being sent out? Instead of a celebration we should have a week when people could recall the horror of the two JVP-led insurgencies so that they would never again permit a repetition.  

 It appears that the man responsible for organizing the celebration of Wijeweera’s life was none other than his close associate Somawansa Amerasinghe alias David alias Franco (name used by him during the 1988-89 Insurrection). He was also the man who, according to police records, was detailed to abduct or kill Prime Minister Sirima Bandaranaike on April 5, 1971! Amerasinghe was also the man who arranged to hide Wijeweera; who had taken the name of Attanayake; he first arranged for the purchase of 15 acre Lewwegoda estate at Neluwa in Bandarawela (though the sum paid was 1.3 million the deed was made out for Rs 375,000). A second hideout (St. Mary's Estate) was also purchased by Amerasinghe for the JVP leader to hide with his family.       

 In which country in the world would the people have allowed such a celebration to commemorate the life and times of a man who committed treason? A man has committed a monstrous crime against the people of this country and we allow him to be treated as a hero! Whilst it was indeed unjust that the man was put to death in the manner he was (we pay lip service to the rule of law, do we not?), it is of interest to reflect on why our people act in this manner --- are we a forgiving people? Should we, in the same manner forgive that other mass murderer Prabhakaran? Or is it that our people are just apathetic?

A well known counter intelligence expert described our society as being a 'soft' one and compared to the Jews and Arabs who would always take revenge ---- it would be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth with them. Even in the Mahabharata revenge is accepted as a form of justice, but in this country it appears that we are prepared to forgive and forget like no other. Prabhakaran was not wrong when he said that the 'Sinhalaya' has a memory span at best of two weeks!  He was not only right but has exploited this weakness to the fullest.

 The JVP opted for the political road a few years ago but the question arises as to whether their conversion is genuine or whether it may have been for strategic reasons. It does appear that their joining the mainstream was with the intention of infiltrating the establishment and seizing state power for that, without doubt, is their goal, just as Eelam is the goal of the LTTE.

 We need today to take our minds back to the 1971 insurgency and of how they indoctrinated the impressionable youth of the country and led them to believe that they could and should overthrow the government and establish a dictatorship of the proletariat. The products of our so-called higher education system, which had educated our youth free but not prepared them for gainful employment were a frustrated breed. They were easily converted to believing that they should overthrow the prevailing unjust system. They were easily indoctrinated – they were putty in the hands of these committed diabolic revolutionaries.

 The classes they held or their 'Five Lessons' covered 'the unjust economic system that exploited the worker and the peasant and, the need to take the class struggle forward. They sought to abolish private property and nationalize all means of production and distribution and pursue socialist industrialization and collectivization. Communist Wijeweera, indoctrinated at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, sought to do what Pol Pot did to another passive people where over one million died at his hands. Wijeweera sought to do this to our beloved country not once but twice and this is the man whose life they seek to celebrate and more dangerously seek to see his diabolical 'ambition' for this country realized!

 The second important 'lesson' was on Indian expansionism, a drum they had beat in 1971; they have begun to beat the same drum once again. Somawansa must indeed be an ungrateful man for had it not been for India he would have been playing marbles with Wijeweera in hell. India can never repay the debt she owes this country.

 The resurrected JVP has in recent years been once again organizing, nay 'working' on the rural youth of this country; a fertile breeding ground as has been our universities which continue to produce unemployable graduates who are frustrated. The JVP has also infiltrated the working class unions which were the special preserve of the old Marxist parties. We are not aware as to whether they have infiltrated the armed services as they did in 1971; the danger is that they could very well have organized revolutionary groups in the services.

This could spell double trouble --- for when the war is over, the country would have thousands of young men who are trained in the use of arms but are without employment --- once again fodder for the JVP. This is a matter which the government should address NOW in the interest of national security. The JVP must be treated as a national security threat and kept under surveillance.     

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