Wimal ready to form new party
* Sets deadline for May 1

JVP rebel group leader and former propaganda Secretary Wimal Weerawansa yesterday set May Day as the deadline for reunification talks with the party.

He told a press briefing at the BMCH yesterday that he was prepared to reunite with the other faction of the JVP if the latter were ready to reciprocate by stopping violence and slander against members of the dissident group. Otherwise, he said he would form a separate political group and register it as a political party.

"Conspirators have to be identified before talks could begin," he said.

He said he had already brought this to the notice of the other faction and wanted a response before May 1. "The new political group he intends forming would be capable of changing the political future of the country in a more meaningful direction," he said.

JVP rebels Nandana Gunatilleke and Kamal Deshapriya, who were ousted from the party, were also invited to join Weerawansa’s group

He compared the robbing of vehicles from the Parliamentary complex and attacks on members of the DJV to what Dr. Mervin Silva tried at the Rupavahini Corporation. He said, he only politically critisized the other faction but did not want a permanent political battle.

Some of the leaders in the JVP were still clinging on to the fundamentals and outdated theories but the present century’s political developments had to be considered in building a party that was patriotic, democratic and not subservient to certain obnoxious political forces, Weerawansa said.

JVP Parliamentarians, Piyasiri Wijenayake, Mohamed Muzzammil, Deepal Gunasekera, Weerakumara Dissanayake and Nimal Premawansa were also present at the press conference.

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