Beginning of the end for JVP ?

It would appear that the beginning of the end of J V P has started with the Weerawansa episode followed by the forcible removal of the vehicles of dissident M.Ps. With the assaults on sympathizers of the Weerawansa Group, they have proved beyond doubt that violence is in their blood.

The J V P as a national Political Party had been responsible for causing enormous damage to our country, both to human life and national assets. It’s ‘achievements’ can be listed only second to the destruction and mayhem caused by the LTTE. The JVP had been able to win some demands for the working class at the expense of the country’s economy, by organizing strikes, protest marches, poster campaigns and ‘go slow ‘ or ‘work to rule campaigns.’ They have also inculcated the Marxist culture of violence among the jobless youths and working class. They are in the process of ruining university education with the ultimate goal of eliminating intelligent thinkers and flooding society with a class of youths who dance to their ideology only. They became the 3rd largest political party, thanks to the "Joint Venture" with the SLFP at the last general election. If not for the CBK’s treacherous action in joining hands with the killers of her husband, the J V P would have been only a thing of the past and gone to oblivion decades back. Their phenomenal growth can also be attributed to the selfish and corrupt political leaders that came to power from time to time, who did very little for the development of the country and made no serious attempts to settle the ethnic problem. The JVP claims to enjoy enormous popularity at the grass roots level, but this claim will be disproved at the Eastern Province elections!

However one man who brought a sense of patriotism to the country’s youth is the Propaganda Secretary of the JVP, Wimal Weerawansa who is now on his way out, simply because he held a different view from the Party hierarchy on the disarmament of the Piliyan Group. It is a tragedy that the party did not see things the same way, at a time when the LTTE’s pistol gang is very active in the East. Perhaps the JVP wants the Pilliyan Group eliminated by the LTTE . It is a fact that Weerawansa enjoys enormous popularity amongst the youth, otherwise he would not have polled the highest number of votes in the Colombo District.

This is due to his ability to articulate a point with the least amount of effort, an oratorical skill perhaps second only to SWRD Bandaranaike. The Leader of the JVP is alien to this country having deserted all his comrades after creating mayhem here in the mid eighties. He was a fugitive. Why the JVP accepted him as their leader is a million dollar question. My guess is that he is more fluent in English than the others and the rest had no choice. It is alleged that he is a dual citizen with one foot in the UK, having all the resources to fall back on, in case of a problem, which includes a home of his own to live, a sterling pension and a BMW car. Of course these are not issues if Somawansa Amarasinghe was an ordinary person, but the public are interested as he aspires to be the Head of a Government! We cannot fathom how a personality of this calibre can aspire to be a leader of a political party with the aim of capturing power. It is even more comical why and how the other members (save10 of them) could expect such a person to lead them! It is gratifying to note that Weerawansa and others decided to be a dissident Group. All Sri Lankans could only hope that this Group will continue to eschew violence, and shake off out-dated political iseologies and adopt practical policies of governance and take part in the national development. They should also help MR’s Government to finish off this war as early as possible.

Tilakaratna Ranaweera
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