EPC polls show JVP vote strength dwindle-Wimal

The humiliating loss recorded by the JVP at last Saturday’s polls for the Eastern Provincial Council is an indication of that the party’s vote strength had started to thaw out, MP Wimal Weerawansa, who is also the president of newly formed Jathika Nidahas Peramuna (National Freedom Front), said yesterday.

"The leadership that plays JVP during the day and UNP at night must be held responsible for this sorry state. The absurdity of leadership resulted in JVP becoming the junior UNP group in the fray for the East. The result was a humiliating defeat," Weerawansa told The Island.

The JVP that contested for only six bodies of Ampara District in the 2006 local government polls had polled 11,365 votes. In a provincial council poll, the JVP could always do better than a LG poll, he said. "But, the last Saturday the party had obtained only 4,745 votes. This is a decline by 60 percent. In Trincomalee District, the JVP contesting only five LG bodies polled 8,005 in 2006. This time contesting for the entire district, the party could collect only 4266 votes. It was a mere luck that the party could secure a single seat in that district. Including the Batticaloa district, the party could poll only 9,300 votes for the entire province."

"This shows how the Eastern voters considered the JVP which played a pioneer role in demerging the East from the North and thereby saving them from the LTTE. The party could have become victorious only on the grounds of the service it had rendered to the East by mobilizing forces against the pro-LTTE camp’s hopes of amalgamating the East with the North. Drawing this response from the people was solely thanks to the absurd policies followed by the party leadership in the recent past. Now the people know where and what the JVP stands for and they had rejected it," Weerawansa said.

"This further indicates that the JVP had lost the vote strength it once had and a massive scale erosion of vote strength has started. The leadership should take the responsibility instead making wide allegations of malpractice and violence," he said adding that whatever said and done, holding an election was a step towards the direction of restoring democracy in the East. "Defeating the LTTE and restoring democracy is no more a concept. Now it’s in practice and has put a colossal step forward," he said.

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