JVP has failed to keep pace with changing world
Accuses JVP of leading youth to UNP

Dissident JVP parliamentary group leader and President of the new political party, launched yesterday, the National Freedom Front (NFF), Wimal Weerawansa accused the JVP leadership of aligning the party with the UNP.

"The present JVP leadership is in the process of making the party’s young membership a part of the UNP’s youth brigade, he said at the first representative conference of his new party at the BMICH. He invited all the JVP youth to join the NFF

He said the JVP leaders had failed to keep pace with the changing world by discarding shibboleth.

The JVP leadership pretended to be omniscient and did not heed dissenting viewpoints. That, Weerawansa said, was the bane of the party.

He said the JVP frontliners had become the UNP’s echo. They, he alleged, echoed what the UNPleader said.

"They had forgotten that the JVP’s goal is to fight to save the motherland from the advancing waves of new imperialism. Unable to face the new challenges in a world in a state of flux, the JVP leadership had departed from the party’s goal. That was the reason why," Weerawansa said, the JVPdissidents had decided to undertake that task.

He said yesterday’s convention coincided with the 43rd anniversary of the JVP founded by Rohana Wijeweera, who broke away from the Communist Party’s Chinese Wing on May 14, 1965.

Answering his critics who insisted that there was no vacuum in the Sri Lankan politics for another party to fill, Weerawansa said, "Time was when the old left said that there was no vacuum in the polity to be filled by a new party and the JVP would not survive. The JVP has gone from strength to strength and it is the old Left that had become obsolete. Today some of JVP leaders tell us the same thing. We know what the party really lacks– that is the ability as well as courage to change and to admit it committed mistakes."

He lashed out at the JVP goons who, he said, had removed NFF posters or pasted some other posters covering them. He said he was not surprised that the JVP leadership had given orders to resort to such dirty tactics but urged the young membership to desist from aiding and abetting such undemocratic action.

Weerawansa said, "We don’t vie with the JVP for dominance. The NFF is no alternative to the JVP; but it is an alternative to the SLFP and the UNP. That was what Wijeweera wanted when he decided to contest the Presidential election in 1982. But, the leadership after him had failed to achieve that goal and this is an insult to our martyred leader."

The NFF launched its website www.nffsrilanka.com at this ceremony.

General Secretary of the party Nandana Gunatilake said that after the last presidential election, the JVPhad wanted to join hands with the Mahinda Rajapaksa administration but JVP leadership had opposed that move. It was that kind of obstinacy on the part of the party leadership that had led to the JVP’s ruination, he said.

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