SunGard to Launch Ambit in SL
Unveils New Banking Software Strategy
SunGard today announced that Ambit, a new brand and a new software strategy for its solutions for retail, commercial and private banks, will become available in Sri Lanka in June. SunGard’s Ambit brings together the technology of a range of SunGard solutions and the experience of a global team of industry experts that already serve more than 800 banks in 70 countries, including 41 of the world’s top 50 banks*. Ambit provides banking professionals with software solutions that support front-, middle- and back-office operations, as well as solutions for financial management, risk and compliance.

Ken Dummitt, president of SunGard’s banks and corporations business, commented: "Banks in Sri Lanka are transforming their core business models to adapt to new industry drivers.

Intensifying competition due to increased regulation and globalization has led them to adopt international best practices and enhance their business agility. Moreover, they need to understand and meet the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base — or risk losing out to competitors."

SunGard’s Ambit helps banks to deploy the most appropriate business services for their customers across multiple channels. Providing a single view of the customer across the whole enterprise, SunGard’s Ambit also facilitates integrated customer communications and marketing campaigns that are driven by user-configurable business process flows and rules.

Ambit Customer Service Manager helps to enable the smooth transition of customer service from sales to origination and fulfillment. SunGard’s extensive customer base in banking has helped it to understand banks’ common requirements as they try to build the bank of the future. Inflexible legacy systems, competition from new entrants, and new demands from customers to access their data anytime, anyhow are driving banks to look for new, strategic technology initiatives to help them renew and upgrade their core banking systems. Adopting a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach and streamlining their business processes are objectives that many banks are seeking to achieve.

Dummitt added: "Our customers have told us that we can help them achieve their business objectives by doing three things: reduce the number of systems that underpin their business; improve the flexibility and extensibility of the systems that remain; and reduce the number of software vendors they use. Ambit gives banks a way to address each of these objectives; it creates an easier way for retail, commercial and private banks to do business with SunGard."

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