The Middle East: two state trap

This might sound strange. But ever since 'peace' talks began between the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Jewish state has built more settlements on land stolen from the Palestinians and has continued its campaign to kill as many Palestinians as it can. Annapolis is a recent reminder that proves the point. Even before the Palestinian peace negotiators could creep back into their refugee camps, the Zionist state of Israel announced it was going to build three hundred more units in occupied Palestine. With this announcement Israel's real intentions - or its ulterior motives - in peace dealing lay bare for the whole world to see.

The latest hoax doing the rounds is a Two State Solution. Well, that's some progress considering that Israel never wanted to give even an inch of 'Erretz Israel', meaning occupied Palestine, to the Palestinians or any other goyim. But it looks like there is sinister motive behind the latest 'peace' game. And going by past Jewish hasbara exercises (public relations) this latest peace gimmick is all about sanctimonious humbugging ... and a lot more.

What gives the game away is that Israel has not released a map of the envisaged Palestinian state to the media so that the world could judge the 'Two State Solution' on its merits. This is where the catch is. If a scale by scale map is, published it Would be ridiculous for anyone anywhere to accept such a state.

The truth is that the envisaged Palestinian state is a replica of the Bantustans the white racists had created for the ethnic people in apartheid South Africa. What the Israelis plan to do is to create small ghettos - about eleven in all - scattered over parts of the West Bank and of course there is the Gaza Strip. Behold the Bantustan state of historical Palestine!

Already Gaza is separated by dozens of miles from the West Bank on an identical West Pakistan - East Pakistan model. Moreover,, there is no road other than the 'Jews Only' one connecting the two. Yassir Arafat had pleaded with Ehud Barak to grant a corridor connecting West Bank and. Gaza at the Camp David talks, but Barak wouldn't hear of it. The talks broke down when -he refused this and other similar concessions that the Palestinians had pleaded for. Next day, as expected, the entire Western media blamed Arafat for the collapse.

If the Palestinians are forced to accept the Two State Solution, it is likely that Gaza will separate from the West Bank at some point of time, the same way East Pakistan seceded from West Pakistan.

In the meantime all the Palestinian Ghettos will be hemmed in by high walls so as to ensure the safety of the poor innocent Jews living on stolen Palestinian lands. That's the line, anyway. But to the think the hapless and hungry Palestinians would be a match for the heavily armed Jewish settlers backed, as they are, by the worlds 4th largest and the cruellest child killing military power, would call for a laugh if the situation was not such a human tragedy.

Sure there will be roads connecting one Bantustan Palestine to another. But all these roads will belong to the state of Israel for the exclusive use of Jews only. So if a Palestinian living in one Bantu were to visit another he would require a permit from the Israeli military. If he is lucky and he actually gets one, it would be made to look like as if he's a recipient of Israeli magnanimity. But once on the road the Israelis would subject him to all sorts of humiliation at the many military checkpoints. Already quite a few tragedies have occurred. Pregnant mothers have known to have died at Israeli checkpoints because the Jewish soldiers had not given them permission to proceed to hospital. Of course none of this is reported in the West's corporate media which continues to portray the Israeli Jews as the goody goody guys we see in Hollywood movies.

What then is the idea behind the Two State Solution? Do the Zionists want to make amends for the appalling crimes they have committed against the Palestinians that had welcomed them with open arms when they fled atrocities of the people in the part of the Universe that has the audacity now to call itself the 'civilised world'? Are the Israeli's and their financiers like the US and the EU being altruistic in their offer? Have they had a change of heart?

Nothing of that sort; of that you can be sure. The idea behind the Two State Solution is to strangle Palestinians in their cantons and emasculate them to a point where they will have to surrender their souls to the Jews if they would want themselves and their children to survive.

Each of the ghettos will be surrounded by a 'barrier' that former US president Jimmy Carter had called the apartheid. This 'barrier' will isolate one Bantu from another making it impossible for Palestinians to mix with one another, which in turn will create a sense of depression that, might lead to suicide. This technique has been tried and tested in a ghetto run by the United States government. It's called Guantanamo Bay!

Gaza serves as a grotesque reminder of this vicious and ruthless strategy and if the conditions and the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza are anything to go by, then one can imagine what is in store for the Palestinians in the West Bank. The Palestinians are paying a price for refusing to roll over like did the indigenous people of America and Australia. They prefer to follow South African example.

And if anyone needs any more proof that something sinister is afoot with the Two State Solution then all one has to do is look at the personalities that are backing the proposals. They include Ehud Olmert, Benyamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak George Bush ... and yes his -poodle Tony Blair, just to name a few. All of these personalities, of what is called the 'civilised world', are known to be mass murderers. All without exception have blood of non-whites on their hands.

But take heart. All's not lost. A group of Israeli's are campaigning for a One State Solution where all people - Christians, Jews and Muslims - living in the holy land will have one vote each. Sounds familiar? Why this is democracy! If this happens then Israel will cease to exist as an apartheid state for Jews only, like Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has predicted. However, the West's corporate media spins his words hopelessly out of context giving them a bizarre tweak so as to, create fear and apprehension among their gullible readers who have been brainwashed to believe other media outlets are a pack of liars. Zionist leaders, like Olmert, fear that what happened in white supremacist South Africa might happen in Jewish supremacist Israel. That's why he is calling for a quick Two State Solutiom. But time is on the side of the Palestinians and on the side of justice.

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