Trevor Graham 'talked daily' with supplier

Trevor Graham, the former coach of disgraced track star Marion Jones, went shopping for banned drugs for his athletes in Mexico, in 1996, and continued to receive illegal substances from across the border until the 2000 Sydney Olympics, a jury in his perjury trial heard yesterday.

Mexican Angel 'Memo' Heredia, a former discus thrower who switched to improving the performances of other athletes by supplying drugs, said he was visited in Texas by Graham and two of his sprinters, Randall Evans and Alvis Whited, in December, 1996.

During their four-day stay, he escorted them to Mexico where Graham purchased clenbutorol, testosterone and EPO. Heredia said he was told by Graham that the drugs were not only for Evans and Whited, but for Antonio Pettigrew, who beat Britain's Roger Black to the 400 metres world title in 1991 and who was a member of the US gold medal-winning 4 x 400m team in Sydney.

Graham, 44, denies three counts of lying to federal agents during their BALCO investigation. Special agent Jeff Novitzky said Graham told him he had never met Heredia in person and had spoken to him only once on the telephone.

But Heredia said that, after the 1996 visit, he spoke to Graham on the phone on "an almost daily basis". "I was to provide him with performance-enhancing drugs whenever he requested them," Heredia said.

Heredia said Graham later introduced him to Tim Montgomery, who broke the 100 metres world record in 2002. "He wanted to me to 'turn him on'," Heredia said. "It meant putting him on the programme - drugs."

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