Caring doctors

A couple of days ago. I read in a morning newspaper about a caring doctor in Ratmalana. No name was mentioned.

If I may add to this news item, I like to mention that we in Mt. Lavinia and Ratmalana are very fortunate in having had caring doctors. To mention a few names they are Dr. B. D. J. S. Fernando our very own family physician, Dr. Aloysius and Doctor Ghouse who passed away a couple of year a ago.

Our family physician Dr. B. D. J. S. Fernando has treated four generations of our family from 1959 for forty eight years.

We are always greeted with a smile and a friendly "So how are you?" He is in no hurry to dismiss us although there are many patients waiting outside his consulting room. He is up to date in his medicine. He has educated us. When ever a drug is prescribed he takes the trouble to tell us its benefits for our ailments.

He is so loved and admired by his patients that an old aunt of mine who was over ninety years of age referred to him as-Jivaka.

Even a daughter of mine living in Peradeniya and married to a University don always travelled to Colombo to consult him when her son fell ill. My son-in-law couldn't understand why she insisted on consulting our doctor when there was a team of efficient doctors in the Medical Faculty in Peradeniya.

Mrs. Hermie Walatara,
Mt. Lavinia.

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