NFF demands Govt. to use force against rabble rousers

The National Freedom Front has demanded that the Government use maximum force against those who instigate racial discord in the East.

General Secretary of the NFF, Parliamentarian Nandana Gunatilake said there were foreign forces and their NGO lackeys who had lost their livelihood due to the East being liberated from the clutches of the Tigers by the security forces.

Speaking to the media at the National Library and Documentation Center Auditorium in Colombo yesterday, he said "Now that there is no terrorism there, these forces have lost the legitimate reason for their presence in the province. Their aim is cause turmoil in the East once again to pave the way for them to continue working there. On the other hand, there are small pockets of fundamentalist elements trying to quench their thirst for blood and they are behind the current tense situation in the East."

He said the government should use maximum force to arrest these developments immediately otherwise the sacrifices made by security forces and people in the East to regain normalcy would be in vain.

In the aftermath of the Norwegian brokered cease-fire agreement between the LTTE and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, the LTTE had commenced fortifying itself in the East, he said. "The LTTE continued unchecked during the UNP and successive UPFA regimes until the 2005 presidential election. This situation was changed only after the troops started marching against the LTTE starting with the liberation of the Mavil Aru and within a very short time they swept the LTTE out of the province. Then the government held a provincial council poll which was relatively free and fair to enable the Easterners to elect their representatives. When we project this election against the background of our polls history, it was undoubtedly a free and fair poll despite the usual accusations by the losers. This signified the return of democracy to the region," Gunatilake said.

"People in the East also have a role in safeguarding the peace and democracy that they had achieved through sacrifices. We urge the Easterners not to allow the conspirators to snatch the precious freedom from your hands, because it would pave the way for the LTTE to return and bring you under its jackboot," he said.

MP Piyasiri Wijenayake, NFF Cultural Affairs Secretary Seneratne Silva and Central Committee member Padma Udaya Shantha Gunasekera also participated in the conference.

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