Most air conditioned buildings lack proper ventilation

More than 80 per cent of the air conditioned buildings in Colombo, including some of the well known hotels, do not have a proper ventilation system. The shortcoming was exposed after a recent study done by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority.

Sustainable Energy Authority Chairman Ananda S. Gunasekera told The Island yesterday that they were now in a position to impose a strict code on buildings that are not environmentally friendly.

He said the Sustainable Energy Authority, formerly known as the Energy Conservation Fund, only acted in creating awareness on the Building Code prepared in 2000, thus they did not have the power to make the Building Code mandatory.

However, now that the 2000 Building Code is in the process of being revised they would make it mandatory by the end of September. "We will make it mandatory in big buildings first," he said.

He said that to go ahead with their plans they would seek the co-operation of local authorities.

Sustainable Energy Authority is a Statutory Authority within the Ministry of Power and Energy that focuses on the use of renewable energy.

"We are in a very vulnerable position with world oil prices sky rocketing, because we don’t have enough hydro power. The most prudent thing would be to go for renewable energy like biomass, solar and wind. Wind is a good option for Sri Lanka," Gunasekara said.

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