Saturday, June 14, 2008
      Editorial:Saying it with iron rods, kalu thel etc

The massacre by the LTTE of 401 policemen who surrendered to the outfit on the orders of the Premadasa government in 1990 in the Eastern Province is to be investigated after a lapse of 18 years.

Rs.440 million to be spent
on provincial elections – Ravi K

It was only recently that Rs.220 million was spent to conduct the Eastern Provincial Council Election and now the tax payer is being asked to dole out more money, he said. "The cost of living will rise further and it is the common man who would have to suffer."

Stop Tamil Tigers raising money in UK, says President Rajapaksa
There are about 150,000 Tamils living in Britain, mostly in North London. The Sri Lankans estimate that £70million is sent home every year.

CEB head office workers staged a vociferous lunch hour picketing yesterday opposite their office against a Bill to be brought before Parliament which they claimed would lead to privatization of the CEB.
Photo-Nishan S Priyantha


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