Rs.440 million to be spent on provincial elections – Ravi K

While people are going hungry

At a time when people are being strangled by the unbearable cost of living, the government is preparing to spend Rs 440 million on holding two provincial elections before its due date, the UNP said yesterday

Colombo District UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake said that elections to the Sabaragamuwa and North Central Provincial Councils are due only next August, but the government was unnecessarily wasting tax payers’ money which could be used to feed the millions who are going hungry.

"There is no justification for conducting provincial polls ahead of time. If the government cannot run the two Councils effectively, it should call on the Opposition which has the required majorities to form the administrations."

It was only recently that Rs.220 million was spent to conduct the Eastern Provincial Council Election and now the tax payer is being asked to dole out more money, he said. "The cost of living will rise further and it is the common man who would have to suffer."

Karunanyake,said that while Rs 440 million has been allocated for provincial polls, flood victims were given only Rs.17 million. "With inflation hovering around 33%, the need of the hour is to increase the salaries of public servants including judges."

The government is adopting double standards with regard to elections, he said. "The Colombo Municipal Council has been found guilty of corruption and malpractices on eight counts, but it is not being dissolved because those elected with UNP backing have joined the SLFP."

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