SLT to change the future of tele-viewing

Empowering the nation with the latest step in the realm of technology convergence, SLT is set to revolutionise the way Sri Lankan’s see the future of tele-viewing. Viewers will now have Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), a system where digital television service is delivered using IP over a network infrastructure, which includes delivery via broadband connection. With an IP based platform, it allows viewers the opportunity to make the experience of watching television more interactive and personalized.

Speaking on how IPTV is a pioneering initiative in Sri Lanka, Thusha Weerasooriya, CEO, VisionCom (Pvt) Limited said, "This is an important project for SLT, as the success of this is going to enhance and drive the demand for the core optical network , copper wire lines and ADSL, thereby allowing the growth of multi-sided businesses to increase and complement each other in many forms. We are glad to be the driving force with the IP based TV broadcasting service in Sri Lanka, with the latest entertainment mediums in the world. Our aim was to bring in IP technology, that has been driving new real time voice, data and multimedia applications throughout the areas of business, education and entertainment."

SLT IPTV services are delivered using IP over a network infrastructure, which includes delivery via a broadband connection. It allows significant opportunities to make the TV viewing experience more interactive and personalized. Viewers will have the opportunity to watch whatever they want at a time that is convenient, giving a greater degree of flexibility to the user, with amazing high definition images and high quality audio coming right into your living room.

Offering an abundance of new possibilities to the viewer, the key element of SLT IPTV is its interactive platform, where they have total control over the watching of any programme whenever they chose to. Information pertaining to IPTV is transferred over separate, closed networks, where the benefits are of a less congested, more efficient means of delivery, allowing higher quality and interactive features.

With IPTV, SLT will be enabled to offer a real time broadcast programming, Video on Demand and other advanced services over broadband connection to televisions. How the system works is with the SetTopBox, which is provided with one side being connected to the television and the other being connected to an ADSL line, which are the basic requirements from the users end.

Viewers are able to access television, movies, email, internet directory services, telephony and all other business communications through one converged IP network, which is made very simple for the end user as the need for separate interconnections of either computing and broadcast services are eliminated.

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