Veteran film star Malini Fonseka promotes Nawaloka Hospitals

Nawaloka Hospitals, leaders in the private healthcare sector have once again created news with the releasing of an advertisement where the darling of the Sinhala screen, veteran film star Malini Fonseka has not only appeared in appeared in an advertisement publicizing Nawaloka Hospital and it’s services but has directed it as well.

Ms Fonseka has appeared in an advertisement after a lapse of over 20 years; in fact the last commercial she appeared in was the Lux TV commercial.

According to Director / CEO Nawaloka Hospitals, Prof. Lal Chandrasena, Ms Fonseka consented to appear in the commercial solely due to the fact that the Deputy Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals, Jayantha Dharmadasa, has made a tremendous contribution to the Cinematic world and its artists. "As the founder Chairman of the Cine Star Foundation, Mr Dharmadasa has worked tirelessly to better the cause of both the industry and it’s artists, hence I feel that it is my pleasant duty to support Mr Dharmadasa in his endeavours to bring relief to the sick and needy", said the Star.

This advertisement marks a milestone in Ms Fonseka’s career as it is her debut as a director of TV commercials and one tat her many fans will hope to see a repeat of.

According to Head of Marketing at Nawaloka Hospitals, Ravi Masakorala, this is yet another significant step in the Hospital’s marketing and promotions campaign which has made great inroads in recent times.

"The Hospital’s many initiatives in the area of marketing and promotions has definitely paid dividends as in the recently concluded survey of LMD’s top 100 Companies compiled by Brand Finance, Nawaloka has come in at the 35th position with an all time high Brand Value of Rs 636 million, and an Enterprise Value of Rs 2,319 million.

The Hospital has also come up to the 4th position amongst Most Loved Brands, 7th position amongst Most Loyal Brands, 7th position amongst Functional Performers, whilst it’s Brand Value as a percentage of it’s Enterprise Value is 27; a commendable performance which leaves Nawaloka Hospitals clearly ahead of it’s competitors" said Masakorala.

A series of healthcare innovations and a strong and dynamic marketing philosophy has served to propel Nawaloka Hospitals as a top of the mind Brand vis a vis the public and with the completion of the Hospital’s new wing imminent, the health conscious public can look forward to even better facilities and value added services from Nawaloka Hospitals.

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