Minds and Quantum launch third eye

Minds Draftfcb and Quantum Strategic Services announced the launch of the "Third Eye", an ongoing qualitative consumer research initiative. This joint initiative between the 25 year old advertising Agency and the well known market research Agency is aimed at uncovering and tracking some key consumer insights in the local market.

" We saw a need gap in obtaining some key consumer insights in our market. Overall the Sri Lankan marketing and advertising environment suffers from a dearth of qualitative information, and its sometimes frustrating not to have sufficient insight to make key decisions. There is some quantitative data available, but qualitative studies are done only on clients’ requests and therefore are available exclusively to the commissioning client." says Sanith de Silva Wijeyeratne, Chief Insight and Incite Officer for Minds Draftfcb. " We then approached Quantum with our concerns about there being no proper qualitative studies available we were pleased to find our concerns reciprocated."

The inaugural third eye project is aimed at unearthing key insights into the TV watching habits of the local audience.

" Demonstrative of the need gap, is the fact the we have no data about the quality of the TV viewership of certain programmes. Our advertising decisions are based on rating points. These rating points are based on data from People’s Meters installed around the country. But all that this information can show us is that what programme on in a household’s TV set . We have no way of ascertaining how many people were indeed watching the programme or whether it was mere background noise while they went about housework or some other distraction" he continues ." We wanted to get a good idea what people really watch with attention. We then agreed to take on this angle as our initial project"

Spread out over 4 months , the initial study conducted by Quantum Strategic Services delved into the viewing habits of over 350 consumers .

" Considering the fact that a qualitative surveys comprise of 20 to 30 interviews, having a large sample of 350 gives us a more solid indication of trends among our local consumers" said Roshani Fernando, Vice President and Director of Quantum Strategic Services in Sri Lanka. "We were able to get insights into what programmes are preferred and why, and because of the sample size were able to arrive at trends with greater confidence than we would have done through a standard study. We then worked closely with our partner in sifting through the information and gleaning insights that will be of value to the advertising and marketing community."

" The findings from the first survey will soon be published" said Sanith. "Our next project is already underway. Due to the sheer numbers that we want to glean data from, it takes several months to get the desired information and its also more time consuming than just answering yes /no questions blindly. I am also very happy to be partnered with QSS in this endeavour. QSS is a key qualitative research agency in this country for some time, and these findings will be validated when coming from an agency of its reputation and record. Its not an advertising agency talking to a few people they know and presenting their ‘research findings’ It is a concentrated research effort aimed at uncovering insights that we might have missed upto now."

"We are targeting to publish our various findings at least every quarter" said Roshani. "It will be a little more difficult at the start but once we get the ball rolling we envision that we would be able to make regular contributions towards understanding Sri Lankan consumers better."

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