St. Andrew’s to preserve environment and develop sustainable tourism

Jetwing St Andrew’s Hotel, an amazingly beautiful holiday destination cradling amidst the misty mountains of salubrious Nuwara Eliya, has launched a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects with the twin objectives of preserving the environment and developing sustainable tourism.

"We are working closely with all key segments of society to make our journey more meaningful", says Renuke Coswatte, the Manager of Jetwing St Andrew’s Hotel.

"Keeping in mind the local community at large, we have also developed a close rapport with schools, companies, associations and places of worship to ensure wider participation in our mission", he noted.

Jetwing initiated the JEEP (Jetwing Eternal Earth Project) website www.eternalearth.net recently as an integral part of the concerted drive towards safeguarding mother earth for future generations by preserving the environment.

"We are working with schools to educate and enlighten students and spread this key message across the board", Coswatte underscored.

On developing sustainable tourism, he said that Sri Lanka has huge potential for eco and adventure tourism as well, which is the ongoing trend.

"Coupled with aggressive marketing, we need the groundwork and a more focused drive to tap this potential to its maximum", Coswatte explained.

"Nuwara Eliya is one of the best eco cum adventure tourism locations in the world", he asserted. "But, how many people the world over are aware of this?"

"That’s why I said aggressive marketing plays a pivotal role to make this a success story".

With 52 rooms, including seven attic rooms and five suites, Jetwing St Andrew’s offers a fascinating experience as an enthralling hotel with a rich history spanning 100 plus years.

The hotel boasts of a climate with delightful and refreshing days to cool and cozy nights. Horton plains national park, Baker’s falls and visit to Hakgala gardens are few of many places of interest at the disposal of all guests at St Andrew’s. There is a saloon for billiards and snooker. It is said that the billiards table and cues are over 130 years old which has been imported from C Larzzurus and company from India.

The floor around public area transport guests back in history over 123 years…..evidence of the bygone era. Huge emphasis is given to maintain these antique items in the original condition. The billiard table would probably be the oldest and best preserved of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Towering over 6182 feet (1884 meters) above sea level, the Hotel had been the first choice of many celebrities of yesteryear as its preserved guest book records from 1930s onwards prove.

Amongst the top names were race horse owners, trainers, heads of government departments, doctors, lawyers, tennis champions, including Hilden Sansoni, and S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike (prior to his becoming Prime Minister). Impromptu concerts were often held between and after dinner especially when musicians and vocalists were resident at the hotel. There were monthly dances at St Andrew’s which were also very popular.

"We have lined up many more developments for the future. We have to maintain and improve the product and service aspects. This is why most of clientele are ‘repeat guests’ who always look forward to a memorable experience with Jetwing St Andrew’s", Coswatte explained.

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