Police accuse UNP MP of "hit and run’’

Police said Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene Friday morning ignored police signal to stop his Mercedes Benz on the Battaramulla main road.

"He was driving a black Mercedes Benz without number plates. When police blocked his vehicle after a brief chase, he identified himself as an MP and drove away," a police official said.

According to him, the Benz had knocked the hand of the Sub Inspector who stopped the vehicle as it sped off. The policemn received medical treatment, the official said.

The MP told The Sunday Island that he didn’t see police signaling him to stop. "They came in a white van, blocked my path and forced me to stop my car."

Denying he knocked the policeman, the MP said the number of the vehicle had been clearly pasted on the front and rear windscreen of the car. He said two of security officers provided by police had been with him.

Fielding questions, the MP said he drove the newly acquired Benz which he had imported on a duty free permit issued by Parliament. He said the number plates hadn’t been received from the Department of Motor Traffic.

Police said the MP should be aware of the security situation. He couldn’t say he didn’t see police on the road, another officer said, adding if some trigger happy security forces personnel fired at the vehicle there would have been serious trouble.

Whether he was going to or from Parliament, it wouldn’t be advisable to ignore checkpoints on the road, he said.

Jayawardene was on his way to Parliament from his newly purchased house at Robert Gunawardene Mawatha. (SF)

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