Tuesday, June 24,  2008
      Editorial:Square military pegs in round political holes
Chairman Udayasri Kariyawsam and the Board of Directors of the CEB were yesterday removed from office after discussions between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the CEB Engineers Union. Some of the members of the present Board will retain their positions, a senior official said.
A senior ministry official told The Island yesterday that Power and Energy Minister W. D. J. Seneviratne would likely appoint Ministry Secretary M. M. C. Ferdinando as the new Chairman initially for a month.

Food to North direct from S. India
In a bid to overcome the shortage of food and offset the prevailing high prices in the North the Government has decided to import food direct to the North from South India. The high cost of transporting food to the North from Colombo has been one of the main causes for the prevailing ..

A batch of commandos for the Republic of Maldives were trained at the Sri Lanka Army Commando training camp at Ganemulla. Their passing out parade was held at the camp yesterday (23). Two of the Maldivian commandos perform a mock combat operation while being suspended from a wall of the abseiling tower of the camp.
Pic by Sajith Jayasekara

LTTE cadre recruited as Director
Film Corp. did not seek police help

The National Film Corporation management had not sought the

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