Food to North direct from S. India
In a bid to overcome the shortage of food and offset the prevailing high prices in the North the Government has decided to import food direct to the North from South India. The high cost of transporting food to the North from Colombo has been one of the main causes for the prevailing high prices in the North.

Chairman of the Northern Special Task Force Minister Douglas Devananda said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had given him permission to import food items from South India at a meeting yesterday.

Devananda said the President had agreed that the import of food from South India to Jaffna would reduce the cost of transport. The move would also pacify South Indian Tamils who feel that Tamils in Jaffna are hard put in finding essential food items, he said. The food items would be ferried from South Indian ports to KKS under protection by the Sri Lankan Navy.

Meanwhile, fishermen, farmers and palmyrah products produces requested the government to launch a ferry service between Kurukattuwan in Jaffna and Mannar to facilitate travel between Jaffna and Colombo which now costs about Rs. 5,000 by ship and about Rs 9,000 by plane. A boat service between Jaffna and Mannar would facilitate their travel to Colombo and help Jaffna farmers transport their produce to Colombo in the shortest possible time, Devananda said.

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