Rajitha’s help sought to develop the East
Chief Minister of the Eastern Province Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan has sought the assistance of Construction Minister Rajitha Senaratne to reconstruct a number of facilities in Batticaloa destroyed during the war.

He met the Minister at the Engineering Services Ministry last week and urged him to focus attention on the less developed Batticaloa district as a large number of buildings, including schools, places of worship, government departments, roads and bridges have been devastated.

Chandrakanthan told the Minister that the TMVP was grateful to President Rajapaksa for providing him an opportunity to become the Chief Minister in the Eastern province. It was the first time that a Sinhalese politician without any wish for power or status took an important political decision for the sake of the Tamil community in the Eastern province.

He said that President Rajapaksa had decided to appoint him as Chief Minister not to betray the other communities but to pave the way for all communities to live in peaceful co-existence in the East. His next ambition would be to liberate the North from the LTTE clutches and hold provincial council elections.

Minister Senaratne said that due to blunders of certain Sinhala politicians in the past Tamil communities viewed all Sinhalese political leaders with suspicion. That was why the young men and women in the North had taken up arms against successive governments. The then North/East Chief Minister Vartharaja Perumal could not get the support of the then governments and therefore attempted a unilateral declaration of Tamil Eelam in the North and East.

He also said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa, realizing the mistakes made by the then politicians, decided to regain the trust and confidence of the Tamil communities by appointing Pillaiyan as Chief Minister of the East. The government was confident that Chief Minister Pilliyan would be able to resolve the core issues of Tamils in the East by defeating Prabhakaran’s dream of Tamil Eelam.

Minister Senaratne said that as the Chief Minister he had a great responsibility in education, agriculture, animal husbandry and the cottage industry in the Eastern province. Young men and women obsessed by fear of unemployment would be able to secure jobs as soon as development activities commenced in the East.

Minister Senaratne further told Chandrakanthan that President Rajapaksa and the entire Cabinet of Ministers would be of assistance to develop the Eastern province.

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