Health Minister vows to keep TUs out of Nursing colleges

Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said he will not allow trade unionism in nurses’ training colleges.

At a ceremony at the Maharagama National Youth Services Council, where letters of appointment were distributed to 1,953 newly passed out nurses, he said his Ministry has an ambitious plan to train 15,000 nurses within the next few years since there was a big demand for them overseas. The 1,953 nurses who passed out recently was one batch.

He said his Ministry would soon introduce a nurses degree programme recognized by foreign institutions and within the next five years all nurses’ training schools in the country would be affiliated to the universities.

He said English language and Information Technology programmes would be introduced in nurses’ training schools.

He was firm in his stand not to allow trade unionism to creep into nursing schools as such unions would create havoc that would ultimately destabilize the noble profession, the Minister said.

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