Colombo Plan continues fight against drug abuse

Colombo Plan’s (CP) Secretary General Patricia Yoon Moi CHIA yesterday said Colombo Plan had immensely contributed towards the fight against drug addiction though its programmess such as drug demand reduction conducted with limited resources. The UN agencies provided only 90% of the financial requirement to conduct such programmes, she said.

Ms CHIA, the first woman Secretary General of the CP in Asia addressing a gathering at the 57 th anniversary celebrations of the CP said that she was quite satisfied with the progress made by the organization during the last few months.

"We are on the right track but a lot more needs to be done in order to make it a strong entity in the region," she said.

The developing counties which received CP assistance had progressed to a such level that they were now assisting the developed counties in numerous projects, she said.

Life Skills Education programme conducted by the CP should be introduced to the school curriculum, she said.

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