Lankan Malayalees invite investments from Keralites in India

Sunday, July 6: Colombo (PTI): The minority Malayalees in Sri Lanka have invited Keralites from India to set up businesses in the Island country, assuring all assistance in the process.

"Our prime objective is to provide support to all those visiting Sri Lanka either for businesses or for pleasure trips," President of Colombo Malayalees association (COMAL), Johnn Mathews told a gathering of ethnic Keralites on Saturday.

Mathews, who also invited natives of the southern Indian state to the picturesque nation for a holiday, said in its three years of existence COMAL has strived to integrate the Indian community in the country, especially that from Kerala.

Describing COMAL as "an informal support group of Colombo-based Malayalee families, who are a very dynamic and vibrant community," Mathews said the prime aim of the organisation is to provide support to all visitors to the city, besides for all expats living there.

"We also provide information for those who are interested in setting up business operations and render assistance to them in establishing contacts with relevant local organisations," he said.

Speaking on the occasion senior Indian High Commission official Vishnu Namboodri, one of the founder members of COMAL said the association has come a long way in providing basic logistical support to the Indian travelers.

"We also help people get basic information about common people in Sri Lanka, meeting like-minded individuals, networking, job searching, house hunting... and make the most of expatriate life in Sri Lanka," he said.

Namboodri told PTI that there were around 200 Malayalee families in Sri Lanka.


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