JVP opposes Indian troops providing security for SAARC summit
The JVP on Wednesday registered its opposition against deploying Indian forces for the security of Indian participants in the forthcoming South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) meeting in Sri Lanka.

"India has an inferiority complex against our troops because her army suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the LTTE but our troops had proven far better by almost sweeping off the LTTE. They want to look down on our troops because of this. That is the plan behind their proposal to bring Indian forces for their security," J.V.P. MP K. D. Lal kantha told a press conference in Colombo.

He said that his party was against allowing the Indian troops coming in and this was a humiliation to our troops who had proven better against LTTE. "They would be brought here to exhibit their acrobats on the money of our taxpayers. The estimated cost for the SAARC summit is Rs 2,880 million, and a large sum of this would be spent on a foreign force. We are against this," he said.

He also wanted the government to spend the funds on the local security forces so that it could bring better results. "We ask the Government why it had agreed to the Indian Government’s demand at the cost of humiliating our troops.

Do not give into these failings or we would be compelled to take action to prevent this shameful act." Lal kantha said.

He said that when the JVP asks the government to increase the salaries of employees the government says it has no funds but it had funds for events like SAARC.

The JVP in latter 1980s opposed and fought against the presence of the Indian troops who were brought in as a result of the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987. However, during the last two years the JVP demanded that Norway and Scandinavian nations must be replaced by a friendly nation to facilitate the peace process.

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