Tigers fire on K’gama bound bus killing four

Over a dozen check points in the vicinity
3 women and 9-year-old child killed

by Norman Palihawadena

Four persons were killed and 25 injured when LTTE gunmen raked a crowded SLTB bus, bound for Kataragama from Moneragala with gunfire yesterday.

Among the dead were three women and a 9-year-old boy. The seriously injured passengers were admitted to the Kataragama and Hambantota hospitals.

The attack took place at Galge, near the 149th mile post on the Buttala-Kataragama road around 10.30 a.m. The bus was overcrowded due to the Kataragama festival.

The LTTE cadres had been hiding in thick shrub by the deserted road and opened fire. The driver of the bus had driven through without stopping until he reached a safer area, SSP Tangalle, Neil Daluwatte said.

Over a dozen police and military check points are in the vicinity of the place where the shooting occurred.

On January 16, in a similar incident in Buttala, the LTTE bombed a passenger bus and shot at fleeing passengers killing 32 people. Since that incident the Army patrols the area regularly and several police and Army check points have been established. After the January incident, the LTTE exploded a claymore mine directed at a tractor trailer killing three soldiers. This occurred near Moneragala

Following yesterday’s incident Police and Army launched a combined search operation and two suspects had been arrested and were being interrogated, Police said.

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