Inferiority complex and English
crash course for our cricketers

This is my reply to Bandula Abeywardena -the Sinhala Kalu Sudda -  whose heart is said to have sunk when Ajantha Mendis called for a Sinhala interpreter.

In 1979 I watched Wimbledon Women's Tennis final between US star, Chris Evert and the Czechoslovakian, Martina Navaratilova. Martina won the match. At that time she could not speak a word of English. She only spoke Czech and through an interpreter answered the questions asked by the BBC sports editor. She did not feel ashamed for not being able to converse in English language and no Czech expatriate in the UK moaned that his heart sank in disgrace.

Also in 1985, I witnessed the Wimbledon Men's final between German teenager Boris Becker (17)  and the South African, Kevin Curren. Becker won the men's title and spoke in German through an interpreter. In that case, too, no German heart sank in disgrace for not being able to master the English language.  

Even now, there are many foreign footballers playing for UK clubs earning millions of sterling pounds but speak only their mother tongue, not English. No one laughs at them nor recommend crash courses for the players to learn English. 

Only in Sri Lanka, does the Sinhala man think that it is a disgrace if one could not speak in English. That is sheer 'heena manaya' (inferiority complex).

This pathetic servility to the white master’s language is the bane befallen our Sinhala race. What a polowa!

Daya Ananda

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