JVP vows to teach Mervin a lesson

The Executive President, the General Secretary of the SLFP and the Police have failed to teach Minister Mervin Silva a lesson but the JVP with the strength of the people of Siripura would teach him a good lesson this time around. It’s a big blunder made by Mervin Silva, this time because he had meddled with the JVP, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna said in a press release quoting its Polonnaruwa District Parliamentarian S.K.Subasinghe, who said this while addressing a meeting after a demonstration at Siripura to protest against the alleged action of Labour Minister Mervin Silva, who was alleged to have attacked a shop owned by a JVP activist. Mervin Silva was accompanied by a group of thugs when he launched this alleged attack.

Subasinghe also said under the presidency of Mahinda Rajapaksa the rule of law had broken down and people had lost faith in law and democracy.

"On July 27 Minister Mervin Silva had attacked a three wheel driver. Later the driver was abducted, assaulted again and abandoned on the way side. When they asked the three wheel driver whether he wanted to lodge a complaint with the Police he said he doubted the President would take any action against Mervin Silva who attacked journalists of the National Rupavahini and was allowed to go free.

He further said he could categorically state nothing tangible would happen in the event he complained to the Police", Subasinghe said.

The MP said the JVP through democratic means would teach these armed thugs a good lesson and challenged Mervin Silva to exhibit his strength without arms, funds, Police protection and arrack.

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