Probe INGOs with  terror links

It is thanks to help from foreign governments and their INGO tentacles that the LTTE has evolved into a formidable terrorist group. Since the LTTE severed its umbilical cord with Mother India, several 'responsible' members of the world community have come forward to keep it going, while feigning abhorrence of its terror. But for their assistance, the outfit may not have been able to raise funds to finance its terrorism in this country.

Now, we hear that the UN has confirmed that the assets of a Norwegian INGO operating in the Wanni have got into the LTTE's hands. It is claimed that the LTTE has commandeered nine heavy vehicles belonging to the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) to fortify its defences in view of the on-going military offensives. The LTTE is busy digging trenches to prevent the army from advancing.

Why didn't the NPA report the seizure by the LTTE of its assets to the Ministry of Defence immediately afterwards? It is unthinkable that the LTTE will ever use force against a Norwegian INGO and seize its vehicles, given its strong ties with Norway.

It is being argued that the NPA's decision to keep the incident under wraps smacks of its collusion with the LTTE. Assets and relief material distributed by several other INGOs and NGOs have found their way into the LTTE's hands, as evident from the vehicles and the large stocks of life-jackets, tents, food items, medicine etc. found in LTTE camps which have fallen to the military.

It has also been established that some members of those organisations have been working for the LTTE. A few months ago, a UN worker was nabbed with a micro pistol used by the LTTE sparrow units.

Strangely, these INGOs, NGOs and the international community that make a hue and cry about human rights violations, political interference etc. in this country-quite rightly so-remain mum on the intimidation and abduction of their workers and robbery of their assets by the LTTE. Last year, the UN Colombo Office refrained from reporting the abduction of some of its workers by the LTTE to the UN headquarters until the Foreign Ministry took it up.

Norway had its credentials dented irreparably as a country claiming to promote global peace, when it donated a massive radio transmitter to the LTTE and abused its diplomatic immunity to secure its release from the Colombo Port and transport it to the Wanni under the cover of a ceasefire. The Italian government sent ten truckloads of undeclared goods into the LTTE-held areas in January 2005. That was the time when several mini helicopters in knocked down condition, brought in by an NGO, were detected by the Customs. No other country would have allowed its sovereignty to be undermined in that manner.

Some INGOs collude with the LTTE purely for pecuniary gain. They prefer to operate in the conflict zone, where they can avoid responsibility and accountability. No monitoring of their activities, especially the disbursement of funds, is possible in that terrain. All that is required for them to carry out their sordid operations and line their pockets is to keep the LTTE happy by parting with funds, equipment and materials. When the Eastern Province was cleared of the LTTE, some of those organisations wound up their operations!

The INGOs and NGOs with the LTTE links are a threat to national security. They must be probed, their true faces laid bare and their objectives defeated.

Let how the NPA’s assets ended up in the LTTE's hands be thoroughly investigated!

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