Sinhalese and Muslims are closely linked genetically – Baddegama Samitha

Sinhalese and Muslims are not only fellow citizens of mother Lanka but are also closely linked genetically observed Ven. Baddegama Samitha Thera Vice Chairman, of the Baddegama Pradeshiya Sabha.

The original Arab settlers did not bring their spouses along with them. History records that they married Sinhala women, thera said.

The Venerable Thera made these observations at a ceremony organized by the Galle Muslim Cultural Association ((Inc.) to fete the inmates of Halpathota Detention Home maintained by the Southern Province Department of Probation and Child Care Set-vices to a luncheon on Sunday 27th July 2008.

The occasion was held to mark the inauguration of religious classes to the Muslim inmates at the request of the Ven. Baddegama Samitha Thera. He was of the view that vulnerable children such as these could be reformed and transformed into useful citizens and future leaders by inculcating them religious knowledge. He highly commended the services rendered by the Galle Muslim Cultural Association during the last five decades not only to Musilms but also to the poor and down trodden belonging to all communities.

He was amazed at the speedy response on the part of the G. M. C. A. to his request. He stated that although he made a similar request nearly five years back to the Minister of Muslim Affairs regrettably no action was forthcoming. He pledged his personal support to the G. M. C. A. in its effort to promote racial and religious amity harmony and goodwill.

The Commissioner of Probation and Child Care Services, Southern Province Gamini Weerawickrema also graced the occasion. He commended the Ven. Thero for the initiative taken by him in this regard. He observed that the Ven. Thera, had been in the forefront of many Social, Cultural and religious activities in the Southern Province. He also thanked the Galle Muslim Cultural Association’ for the lunch given to the nearly 150 inmates and the staff. He stated that the initiative taken by the G. M. C. A. to conduct religious classes for the benefit of the eleven Muslim children is a meritorious and beneficial act. The Superintendent of the Centre and officials of the Association also spoke.

The officials pledged their support and assistance in any future programmes organized by the Centre to rehabilitate these juvenile delinquents.

The children expressed great joy and happiness and applauded and cheered the Ven. Samitha Thero and the officials of the Galle Muslim Cultural Association at this rare happy and joyful function which was unprecedented.


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