Interim Council not STF needed for Jaffna – TULF tells India

The TULF has informed India that it opposes the presence in Jaffna, of a Special Task Force (STF) headed by Minister Douglas Devananda, informed sources said.

The party’s objection was conveyed to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the 15th SAARC Summit, held in Colombo last week.

"There is no need for an STF presence. The APRC resolved that an Interim Council should administer the North.Besides, we also oppose the para military group of Minister Douglas Devananda being given a free reign in the region", was the crisp message, TULF leader  V. Ananadasangari delivered to Singh.

The government, says that the STF was established, to oversee development initiatives in the northern province, on a proposal by President Mahinda Rajapaksa. 

The three member STF, includes Rehabilitation Minister Rishad Badiuddin and Presidential Advisor Basil Rajapaksa MP.

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