Dr. JJ accuses Health Ministry of changing AG’s letter

United National Party Gampaha District MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardane yesterday accused the Health Ministry of having tampered with a two-page letter sent by the Auditor General to them and releasing a changed version to the media.

In a letter to the Auditor General he said the document sent on July 22 to the Health Secretary had contained the findings of the preliminary investigation conducted into the National Blood Centre regarding the use of out- dated plasmapheresis kits for blood transfusion.

In his letter Jayawardane claimed that the Auditor General’s letter had been distorted and been released to the media by the ministry’s media spokesman. He urged the Auditor General to lodge a complaint with the CID as it was a criminal offence.

Jayawardane, who is also a member of the Consultative Committee of Parliament for the Ministry of Health as well as a member of the Public Accounts Committee, said the auditor general’s letter had contained five paragraphs and two pages. It contained the results of his preliminary investigation. Two paragraphs which included important facts of his findings had been deleted and the two-page letter had been concised to one. He claimed that the page containing the auditor general’s signature had been photocopied into that one page and been handed to the media with a covering letter signed by the media spokesman of the Health Ministry on July 25.

The Gampaha District parliamentarian said that this was a criminal offence and the Auditor General should lodge a complaint with the IGP and request a complete CID investigation into the matter.

Such criminal acts should not go unpunished, Jayawardane said.

The Health Ministry spokesman denied allegations leveled against him through the letter claiming that no such distortion had been done.


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