Methodist Conference in Batticaloa
Methodist delegates from all parts of Sri Lanka arrived in Batticaloa for the annual Methodist Conference there where about 120 Methodist priests and 150 laymen were present.

Representatives from all other religions too attended. The highlight was an address by a priest from Korea which evoked much attention due to it being delivered flawlessly in Sinhala.

The Conference was presided over by the Rev. Dr. Ebeneezer Joseph, President, All Ceylon Methodist Church. A commendable feature was that all proceedings and items in the agenda sheet were in all languages.

Rev. Dr. Joseph was unanimously re-elected President for the ensuing year in place of outgoing Vice President Attorney M. A. Suemdiran, Mr. R. Rajadurai was elected to the vacant post and Rev. S. Jeyaseelan was elected Chairman for the North and East.

The large gathering of delegates and guests were led by the Methodist Central College Band from the vicinity of the Public Library Batticaloa, grounds where a statue of the pioneer Rev. William Ault, who in 1814 as one of the pioneer Methodist Missionaries, arrived in Batticaloa. Batticaloa the oldest college in the East was founded by Rev. William Ault in 1814.

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