Omar Kamil elected MICH president

The 64th Annual General Meeting of the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home (inc.) founded in 1944 and Incorporated as a charitable institution by an Act of Parliament in 1946 was held on August 28, 2008 at 5.00 p.m. at MICH, "Pasha Villa", No. 115, Dematagoda Road, Colombo 9.

The following were elected as office bearers for the Year 2008/2009.

President: Mr. Omar Kamil (Mayor of Colombo 1999-2002: Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Iran 2003-2005)

Joint Secretaries: Mr. M. Nowfal Barry JP, Mr. M. Rifath Saleem, Mr. M. Ashroff Jameel.

Joint Treasurers: Mr. M. C. Abdul Malick, Mr. M. Nizam Mohamed.

Vice Presidents: Mr. M. I. M. Fauzz, Mr. Nowfel S. Jabir, Mr. M. Nilan Manson JP, Hon. M. H. Mohamed NP, Hon. S. A. S. Alavi Moulana, Governor WP, Mr. M. H. M. Ameen, Mr. M. A. Nawaz, Mr. Ahamed A. Kuhdous, Mr. M. Fazal Jiffry.

Chairman of Departmental Committees:

Da’wa & Religious: Mr. M. N. M. Cader

Library & Literary: Mr. M. Marshad Barry

Community Welfare & Youth Affairs : Mr. Fazal Jiffry

Employment & Training: Mr. M. Zubair Hassan

Social & Recreation: Mr. B. Ansar Shamsudeen,

Foreign Relations & Cultural Affairs :Mr. T. M. Ismeth Ghouse

Diary: Mr. M. C. A. Cader

Lady Fareed Home for Elders : Mr. M. A. Nawaz.


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