JVP MP quits over human
smuggling charge, SLFP to fill vacancy

JVP Kegalle District MP, Anuruddha Polgampola, who was found guilty of human smuggling, tendered his resignation to Parliament Secretary General Dhammika Kitulgoda yesterday following a decision by a party disciplinary committee, party’s Propaganda Secretary, MP Vijitha Herath told The Island. His vacancy will be filled by Lalith Dissanayake who contested the Kegalle District on the SLFP ticket.

MP Polgampola had been arrested by the Japanese immigration authorities for attempted human smuggling, at the Norito Airport, when he had attempted to smuggle Kodithuwakku Arachchige Rohan in the guise of his personal assistant to Japan for an employment.

Both MP Polgampola and Rohan Kodithuwakku had been interrogated by the Japanese Immigration and Emigration Department where Kodithuwakku had divulged that he had paid rupees 600,000 to the MP for obtaining the latter’s facilitation to enter Japan. The Japanese authorities had deported Kodithuwakku, who had been interrogated by the CID on his return to Sri Lanka.

"MP Polgampola returned on Tuesday and on his arrival, he had to go before a party disciplinary committee. There he admitted his involvement. The disciplinary committee ordered him to vacate the MP post, of which privileges he had abused. He duly submitted his resignation. This shows that we are a party that maintains a top level of discipline. When we punish a member, we do not take in to consideration the popularity, status, or the damage that could bring in," he said.

Anuruddha Polgampola, however, would remain a party member, MP Herath said. "He abused only the MP privileges and admitted his crime unlike Wimal Weerawansa faction members, who never admit their mistakes and never would be pardoned," MP Herath said.

He also said this should be a good example to other politicians as to how they should act whenever they found guilty for disciplinary charges.

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