The Kalkia Avatar Foundation exemplifies Divine Love

Younus Algohar of the United Kingdom is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Kalkia Avatar Foundation. Although domiciled in the UK, he travels extensively to spread the message of Divine Love.

The Kalkia Avatar Foundation is self funding. It is an organization spreading the message of divine love through the basis of religion.

Younus Algohar, delving deep into his knowledge base on teachings of spiritual awareness, said what the Kalkia Avatar Foundation projected was that those who listened were transported to a realm of intense understanding raising awareness whatever religion they followed.

"Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, all denominations worship God as each who believes perceive religion as taught to a given person, he explained in an interview.

"We teach moderation and respect for one another — that’s the basic ingredient", he said.

It is in times of personal strife, that a person’s inner character should reveal itself. This hardly ever happens. Inner strength built through Divine Love helps personal strength to withstand such assaults, Younus Algohar stressed.

"Strengthening and building inner character are basic teachings of our Foundation".

Q: What is your following in Sri Lanka?

It is not really a ‘following’ but the message of Divine Love that we project. To give you a more direct answer — if I tell you that at various times we have had exposure to a gathering of people numbering 1000, would it answer your question? It would not. There also have been gatherings of 500 people. Spontaneity of each gathering and their participation signifies the intense message we disperse for Divine Love.

All religions preach love and hope and charity but how many live up to these varied demands? And are they applicable in practical day to day living?

This question demanding multiple explanations will discern probable illusions of good deeds and agree that such good is in-born. Having said that - why do people kill each other? And multiple wrong they do.

Divine love counters hate and enlightens worship for whichever faith respondents are identified with, he emphasized.

"It is in this amplitude application that tolerance towards each other can bring about inner peace and tranquillity".

He said the Foundation is self generating, and all who gather to guide its destination are self-motivated and give of their time freely.

Q: True, but you must be based somewhere, and have a place to call home where all report to?

It is called MFI The Medi Messiah Foundation International. The Head of our Organization is His Holiness Gohar Shahi. Funds too are voluntary but as you rightly said they contribute a set sum monthly to up-keep the Foundation. We need monetary input to sustain ourselves. We have our interests world-wide and constantly spread the message of love.

"We want to spread the message of love to Sri Lanka as well. For this purpose, request your intervention to inform people that we are here to carry out something laudable which does not infringe on religion, and religious beliefs", Younus Algohar noted.

"We have centers in London, USA, Canada, Australia, India, and other Eastern countries. Our word of Divine Love has spread and continues to grow. We expect to sell the book of Divine Love. To raise funds for our future work", he said.

The Kalkia Avatar Foundation could be reached on their websites www.goharshahi.net or www.kalkiaavatar.net

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