Tuesday, September 23,  2008
      Editorial:A president and gentleman

Mirihana police are in search of businessman, who ran a successful English tuition class and an unregistered finance company which offered tempting interest rates, far above those given by other financial institutions, over numerous complaints from investors that they had been swindled.
THe tution master had moved with the elite and VIPs as a part of his modus operandi to impress would be investors. Police believe he may have left the country taking his family with him after swindling a large number of investors of millions.

Airmen in Colourful display of skills
The fourth defence services games began at the Sugathadasa Stadium, Colombo yesterday (22). A group of paratroopers display their parachuting skills.Pic by Kamal Bogoda

JVP-led ICEU seeks 6.5 million signatures for pay hike demand
The JVP-led Inter Company Employees (ICEU) launched its campaign last Friday to collect signatures to a petition aimed at forcing the government to increase public and private sector salaries by Rs. 5000.

Visa delay may stop Devananda’s UN trip
Minister Douglas Devananda whose had not received his visa to enter the United States of America, said he would not be able to join President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s delegation to the UN if he did not get the visa by Wednesday (24).

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