Visa delay may stop Devananda’s UN trip

Minister Douglas Devananda whose had not received his visa to enter the United States of America, said he would not be able to join President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s delegation to the UN if he did not get the visa by Wednesday (24).

Devananda’s scheduled trip to the UN, accompanying the President, was cancelled at the last moment as he had failed to get the visa. When asked why he was not able to get it on time he said there was a delay on his part to make the application to the US Embassy but he complained about the delay saying if a minister could not get a visa how could an ordinary citizen get a visa on an urgent basis.

However, he expressed hope that he would get the US visa soon and would be able to join the President at the UN in New York in the next day or two. He had to be at the UN before the President addressed the General Assembly session.

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