‘A chronicle for all seasons’

Cry for Sri Lanka. A life legend with bare bodied scholarly patriotism cried in pain and anguish for two decades to save a nation when there was hardly a flicker of hope for revival. When others sought accommodation in desperation with the evil forces of terrorism on the rim of success, he stood steadfastly to stoically safeguard the welfare of a country on the brink of disintegration- mindful of the perils that await the coming generation. Stood on principle sought no reward; unlike the pseudo academics and political cart wheelers searching for personal gratification from neo colonial masters and local lumpens. A tome dedicated to the nation.

The recompense he sought was for the well being of a generation beyond him. Flexibility can be a sign of fragility. Being intellectually intransigent he possessed the capacity to foresee dangers of compromise that can lead to sow the seeds of separatism. An authentic visionary does not stare into a crystal ball and speculate blindly but probes and dissects specifics to provide wholesome solutions. A creative work, crafted with intellectual sustenance to reach encyclopaedic proportions. Worthy classic of a perennial nature.

It is an art form - each word selected with precision structured analytically presenting insights argumentatively Sri Lankan. Stretched sentences stand out in the manner of a long distance runner. It is a hard read not meant for petal minds. Not destined to reach the best sellers list but a must to a thinking man’s bedside shelf. Terrorism mercifully is in the sewage drain struggling to survive because he gave a lending hand towards its slow strangulation-providing leadership to the national struggle at a time when it was not à la mode and obtained spectacular results- dismantling Tsunami structures and severing East from the North. His armament was the word-spoken and written. With such experience the presentation is timeless. Concluding chapter by a wordsmith of a country epic.

The publication is more meaningful in the plate of the victor than in the state of the vanquished as implementation becomes now more than an expectation. Separatism ends to give a fresh lease of life to federalism. Those mini minded pygmies who packed the package, defeated closeted separatists with hidden agendas, and hybrid westernized leftists will seek the escape route in search of the F word. The essayist has craftily anticipated the eventualities to offer such deceptive federalists in many masks the response it deserves. Federalism is the navigational road map to separatism after an interlude of terrorism.

Range is infinite and spectrum broad-on the broad band track. Intervention to Secession, Human Rights to Judicial Control, Conflict Resolution to Negotiation, Thimphu to Oslo, Rule of Law to Affirmative Action. Surveying issues that surfaced during the days of war and peace which he distilled to maturity for 30 years and offers insights – eminently objective to those who have the interest of the nation at heart and abhorrent to those who hold the nation in the pocket. A razor sharp mind throws darts to reach target.

Nationalist or a patriot is often labeled a Sinhala Buddhist racist in the local lexicon - such is the indigenous value structure treated with contempt by those who pay obedience to corrupted western lifestyles. Here is a deeply religious Methodist pitching his plea consistent with the scripture of universal faiths to lead us to a Promised Land where the majority is caring and minority considerate; in which race and religion has no borders- the known boundary being territorial integrity. The text is a reflection of the essayist.

Inspired by the spirit of the national liberation struggle tempered with universally renowned humanitarian considerations - guidance sought from days at Nalanda and St Peters; social realities merged with the rule of law drawn from times at the Colombo Campus and Hultsdorf; global perspectives to administrative finesse extracted during the stays at the United Nations and Attorney Generals Department find reflection in a legacy to the nation. A chronicle for all seasons.

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