Wesley and Royal clash for Dudley de Silva Shield today
Wesley College and Royal College will clash for the Dudley de Silva Shield in their annual hockey encounter today, at Campbell Park.

Royal will go all out to defend the shield they won in the inaugural encounter last year. While the hosts will be lead by J. Arulrajah, Royal will be captained by A. Amarasiri.

The shield, donated by the Old Boys’ Union of Royal College, reminds Royalists of one of their distinguished old boys and a former Principal, Dudley Kenneth George de Silva, who after his education at Royal, graduated from the University of Colombo.

After taking over as the Principal in 1954, it was Dudley de Silva who introduced hockey to Royal College. In fact, he was instrumental in introducing several other sports to the college.

The winners of today’s match will be presented with the Dudley de Silva Shield and the Arodi Paul Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the Best Player. The Arodi Paul trophy has been donated by Dr. Gersha Paul on behalf of his brother.

The match is scheduled to commence at 3.45 p.m. and the chief guest at the awards presentation will be Professor Mahroof Ismail.


Wesley – J. Arulrajah (Capt), S. Usama, P. Jathoosh, G. Laknesh, R. Pramooth, N. Naveed, A. Dishanthan, J. Sudharshan, D. Arun, V. Vimarshan, M. Imath, K. Dhanushan, S. Jurampathy, R. Ahmed, R. Lidhushan, S. Sharonite, N. Ranjan, D. Ashwanth, N. Prashanth, T. Nivethan.

Royal – A. Amarasiri (Capt), V. Rajapakse, F. Hallag, D. Seneviratne, S. Gajanayake, J. Wijeratne, T. Wijetunge, M. Senanayake, C. Wijesinghe, G. Senaratne, M. Rumy, K. Kaluarachchi, S. Peiris, S. Ahamed, D. Gunasekera, S. Hussain, M. Althaf, L. Manchanayake.

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