EP CM Chandrakanthan has a close call in NCP

Easter Province Chief Minister Sivanesathuirai Chandrakanthan had a narrow escape in the early hours of yesterday when a lorry loaded with fish plying to Colombo from Trincomalee collided head on with the his vehicle at Gokarella on Colombo –Dambulla highway

THe Chief Minister who was returning to Trincomalee from Colombo, escaped with minor injuries but his car was a total wreck and his driver seriously injured and warded at the Kurunegala hospital. His three bodyguards were treated for minor injuries.

The Chief Minister, however, proceeded to Trincomalee to keep an appointment with a high level Foreign Ministry delegation led by Sri Lankan Ambassador to Berlin T. B. Maduwegedera. The Ambassador was in the East on a fact finding mission to brief the German authorities on the ground situation.

The Chief Minister held several rounds of talks with Government ministers and high level Government officials in Colombo on Thursday over funding for the Eastern Provincial Council’s 2009 Budget.

Secretary to the Chief Minister S. Mahamangarajah said that the Chief Minister looked unruffled when he arrived in Trincomalee after the accident and held discussions with Maduwegedera, Ambassador Rodney Pereira, Director General of Political Affairs (US), A. Samsudeen, Director General of Foreign Affairs and M. Maharoof, Additional Secretary General, Foreign Affairs.

Gokarella Police said the lorry was overtaking another vehicle and crashed on to the oncoming vehicle of the Chief Minister. Police did not suspect foul play. However the lorry driver was arrested and was due to be produced before a Magistrate.

Police said since the Chief Minister’s vehicle was an armoured car the occupants, except the driver escaped with minor injuries.

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