CID allowed to detain Sakvithi’s associate

Nugegoda Chief Magistrate Vasantha Jinadasa on Thursday granted the CID permission to detain Kesara Samakumara, a close associate of Sakvithi Ranasinghe. He was alleged to have had a hand in the dealings where Sakvithi is said to have cheated 2,013 people to a tune of Rs 1,070 million.

Sakvithi is alleged to have accepted deposits from the unsuspecting public promising higher interest, but had left the country about one and half months ago when people demanded their money back with interest. Sakvithi operated from Nugegoda. Samakumara, now detained by the CID, is said to have been the Managing Director of the firm run by Sakvithi. Another suspect, Chanaka Suresh Siriwardena, who surrendered through a lawyer was remanded till November 3.

CID also sought permission of the Court to summon suspects Dharashani Maduwanthi,, Chathuri Apsara and Edwin Ariyadasa, Who are out on bail in the same case. The Court granted permission to the CID to summon them whenever necessary. The CID also told Court that on the instructions of the IGP all proceedings in the Sakvithi case had been handed over to them by the Mirihana Police.

The CID informed Court that their latest investigations had revealed that a certain person had attempted to give a sum of Rs. 15 million from monies collected by Sakvithi, to one Bhai in Pettah and there was suspicion that the money was intended for use in terrorist activities.

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