Champika hits back at JVP

Accusing the JVP of slinging mud at him over the government paying his Rs 100,000 monthly house rent, Environment and Natural Resources Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has challenged the Marxist party to reveal what it did with Rs 600 million robbed from banks during the second abortive insurgency.

"I don’t deny that I am among the 40 recipients of the Rs 100,000 government allowance," a furious minister told The Island. The JHU frontliner said that he sought the allowance as he didn’t own a house closer to Parliament nor received a government bungalow. Responding to The Island queries, the minister said that for a short period he travelled from Homagama but it would be costly exercise as fuel costs.

Ranawaka also alleged that the JVP robbed at least 42 kilos of gold and destroyed public property worth about Rs 6,000 million. He accused the JVP of trying to twist the issue by saying that JHU MPs had been previously ready to live in temples.(SF)

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